Push Mowers

A push mower is a great way to make short work of your lawn or to trim hard to reach areas with a tractor. Push mowers are light and easy to maneuver, yet still provide an excellent cut. Push mowers are ideal for smaller flat yards that are up to  1/4 acre.

Snapper Pro Lawn offers a selection of powerful and durable push mowers that are built to last.




Deck Size


Husqvarna 7021P

Honda OHC 6.9 lb/ft torque power

21″ rear bag


Snapper S22675

B&S 6.75 lb/ft torque power

22″ rear bag


Snapper 2170B

B&S 7.0 lb/ft torque power

21″ HI VAC®


* MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail pricing) pricing may change without notice