Rear Engine Rider

Riding mowers can make mowing your lawn simple and comfortable. A rear engine rider allows for a clear front view to better see obstacles or mowing surface.

Snapper rear engine riders are an American icon built with the rugged durability to last for generations. They have a small turning radius for quick turns, powerful engines and pivoting frames that will contour to your lawn for a smooth cut.



 Deck Width


 Snapper RER28115

11.5 hp B&S I/C® OHV

28″ HI VAC®


 Snapper RER28125

12.5 hp B&S Intek™ OHV

28″ HI VAC®



Snapper RER30145

14.5 hp B&S Intek™ OHV




Snapper RER33175

17.5 hp B&S Intek™ OHV

33″ HI VAC®